Happy city with collective

Towards a new city paradigm with its own social aesthetic:

Happy City

Build the Happy City you would like to have in

mind and keep in your heart. Through the artistic creation of a wooden house with ceramic mosaic and colored paint, we materialize an emotion and a happy feeling.

What is happy city?

Happy City is asking people: How would you capture your vision of the Happy City in one of the Casitas that make up the sculptural City?

It is a project that proposes to make values such as friendship, empathy, solidarity and peace, among others, the way forward to create a community formed for different people. We think that a happy city even if it looks like a utopia could be achieved through responsibility,

A work of personal and collective effort.

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Ciudad Feliz opens a window for individuals, companies and associations to create the city in which they would like to live..


castello town hall
almassora town hall
Castellón Provincial Council
alcer castalia
castello castello
escola d'art y disseny superior de castello

They talk about us in:

– We look for artists of life we ​​delight after formulated the following
question, What is for me a Ciudad Feliz? –